Sean Knibb started Knibb Design Corp. in 1995 with - creative, human, experience – as his mantra. His goal was and still is to enhance the way people feel in their environment, from the luxury of Beverly Hills to the The Line Hotel and Locke High School in South Central Los Angeles. Knibb Design blends contemporary art, architecture and landscape while redefining our traditional understanding of outdoor and indoor space, bringing sophistication to everyday objects.

Knibb has put together a team to oversee select offerings from the distinct collections to create objects and environments that are sparked from tradition. Our commitment is excellence through design, materials and craftsmanship. 




  • Think It - Our team works with you to develop thoughtful and innovate design solutions. Whether working as a consultant on a project or developing the conceptual design for projects that we manage, we give it our creative all. 

  • Design It - We flesh out real and dramatic schemes that respond to the constraints of a given site, a finite budget, and an impending deadline. We create custom drawings and plans, specifications and schedules to ensure things come out right. 

  • Build It - Working with both in-house and contracted builders, we make your project goals real and compelling realities. We gather a trusted team dedicated to making things well and making them right. 




We are people first, designers second. We listen to the needs of our clients to deliver powerfully evocative environments that get to the root of our shared human experience. We celebrate the humanity of architecture and design, its power to bring joy, utility, warmth and excitement to our daily lives. We call upon vision, touch, sound, smell and taste as elements that transport, evoking the familiar to bring us to novel places of wonder and delight. Whether designing a garden or a hotel, a restaurant or a dining table, we remain steadfast in our goal of using design to improve our shared experience.

We are innovators and creators, seekers of solutions.

Our roots are in the garden, and its lessons are present in everything we do. We take our cues from its enduring balance, a compelling mix of textures and geometries, a living example of freedom and restraint. Like the outdoors, our work is meant to be enjoyed by all. It's unfussy and it's alive, and it's yours for the taking. 





"Listen, observe, elevate, create..." Designer, Sean Knibb has a quiet, open approach to design that begins with an awareness of what a space needs and ends with the understanding of how to provide it. From his native Montego Bay, Jamaica, Sean's informal training began at the age of five while cultivating antheriums in the garden behind his grandparents' flower shop. The interplay between the natural landscape of the tropics and the colonial formality of his childhood provided a refined understanding of the juxtaposition of the wild beauty of nature and the restrained geometry of the man-made. That sensibility lead Knibb to seek formal training at the Otis Parsons School of the Arts. In 1992, Sean left to open Knibb Design in Venice Beach, CA, which has since become an award-winning design firm specializing in environmental design. 

Sean and his invaluable team have worked on projects that range from estate gardens, furniture, restaurants and resort grounds to commercial and residential interiors and accessories. For Sean, the ability to distill the essence of a place is, as he puts it, "not just about one group of people; it's about the way everyone works together. Design should convey unity."

Notable recent projects include The Line Hotel - Los Angeles, multiple private gardens, and A-Frame Restaurant - the transformation of an I-Hop into an award-winning culinary hot-spot. 

 "I want to feel natural, purposeful, comfortable, whilst being mindful of the environment... I want to remember that the earth is my home, as we design for the future." -- Sean Knibb



Our in-house team of architects, industrial designers, interior designers, landscapers, graphic designers, and project managers bring professionalism, innovation and joy to the work they do. As a collaborative studio, our design staff is committed to developing interdisciplinary solutions to any design challenge. Working closely with one another, our designers think outside the box, viewing design as a multi-faceted puzzle that's only solved by linking up with your neighbor.





Private Residences

Ridley Scott
Cameron Diaz
Roman Coppola
Halle Berry
Jennifer Lopez
Keenan Ivory Wayans
Greg Kinnear
Frankie Muniz
Sela Ward and Howard Sherman
Matt Coffin and Natasha Esch
Michael Gordon
Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney
Petros and Lena Kitsos
Brent Bolthouse
Gela and John Taylor
Lauren and Bobby Turner
Andrew Heiberger
Lydia Andre
Mark and Candace Hart
Catherine Bell and Adam Beason
Todd Thompson and Giada De Laurentiis
Melissa Mathison
Scott Martin and Lauralee Bell
Jennifer Grant
Gary Wilson and Barbara Thornhill
Yasmin Than
Patrick Arlene Abergel
Dwight Stuart
Bruce Stuart
Ron Herman
Eric and Eileen Ludwig
Josh and Nikki Donen
Barry and Lea Porter
Billy Rose
Lauren Graham
Michael and Jamie Lynton
Paul and Dana Kiesel
Michael and Karen Murphy
Donald De Line
Jonathan Brown
Justin Mozart
Michael and Sherry Steinberg
Jerrod Blandino & Jeremy Johnson
Jeff McAndrews and Kevin Feeley
Philip Noyce and Jan Sharp
Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey
Helen Hunt
Terena and Anders Eisner
Devon and Kristina Sloan

Multi-Family Residences

280 Elizabeth Street, Inman Park, Atlanta
Biscuit Lofts, Los Angeles
Downtown Toy Lofts, Los Angeles


Pot Restaurant, Koreatown
Littlefork Restaurant, Hollywood
A-Frame, Culver City
The Tasting Kitchen, Venice
Nishimura, West Hollywood
Hidden, Santa Monica
Cache, Santa Monica
Sunny Spot, Venice
The Brig, Venice
The Guild, Downtown Los Angeles
Moon Juice Juicery, Venice

Commercial Spaces

Media Arts Lab, Los Angeles
K-Swiss Headquarters, Westlake Village
Sherle Wagner Showroom, Los Angeles
Sonos Showroom, Los Angeles
PR Gallery, Los Angeles
Antik Denim, West Hollywood

Community Spaces

66th Street School, South Los Angeles
Locke High School, South Los Angeles


The Line Hotel, Koreatown, Los Angeles
Sanara Hotel & Spa, Tulum, Mexico
Half Moon Rose Hall, Montego Bay
Hotel Shangri-La, Santa Monica


Art Galleries

Gallery 1522, Venice
SK1 Showroom, Venice


Private Clients
Creative Directors for Waring & Gillow