New Casa Canova Project

 Antonio Canova, he being the late 18th century sculptor remembered as both the Master of Neoclassicism and the producer of some of “the sexiest sculptures in the history of European art,” is often credited to singlehandedly lifting the art of sculpture from the low condition to which it had fallen in his time.

While his evocative renderings of the human figure speak for themselves––the velvety-smooth finishes of his flesh were legendary––it's easy to overlook the exquisitely intricate treatments of his drapery.

In both of the examples above, the chiseled fabric seems imbued with an energy that even his divine flesh can't match. It's in the droop of Cupid's tunic and the veritable explosion of folds beneath Venus's arms (seen above). In both renderings the fabric struggles in glorious failure to defend the goddesses' modesty.  

It was this very fascination with the Master's drapery that inspired Sean's concept for his new table. Presented under the title of his new venture, Casa Canova, comes the new T-shirt Table. As seen above, the table offers a nod to classic figurative sculpture but in an entirely contemporary way. At a distance the table's surface looks more like the disturbed surface of water. On closer inspection, as seen below, the table reveals its truth.  

The table also presents a further exploration of Sean's fascination with the repurposing of otherwise humble materials in a form that elevates them. Maybe it was his years of working with gardens where cycles of life and death are necessarily built into the design, but Sean's work has always had energetic collision of yins and yangs. This particular preoccupation with T-shirts was first explored in his ceiling frescos at The Line Hotel.

The T-shirt table's top is hand carved in Italy by master sculptors from white Carrara marble featuring light veins of gray (the result of quartz and feldspar deposits). The T-shirt Table is an unique, one of a kind piece.