Waring & Gillow: Oxford Line

Before the Warings of Liverpool joined with the Gillows of Lancaster to form a furniture company bearing their names in 1897, their bloodlines in the creation of fine furniture already extended over 150 years. Their commissions were royal and their clientele was among the aristocracy and gentry of England and Europe. (The Warings outfitted luxury ships like Lusitania and the Queen Mary; the Gillows are credited with inventing the billiards table.)

Now, in 2014, the name Waring & Gillow returns to manufacturing and offers a new line of exquisitely designed furniture with more on the way. With Sean taking the lead as Creative Director, the new furniture promises to be modern and progressive while referencing the classic styles of the past that even today make Waring & Gillow pieces so prized. 

Below are selections of our second internal prototype collection of the Oxford line. The final phase of the line will be available in a variety of lacquered colors.

Coffee table:


Side board:

Dining table:

A view of our Ho Chi Minh City showroom where we've partnered with premier UK manufacturer of luxury sofas and upholstery Parker & Farr.

Some of our curated collection below: